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Vila - Women

Vila - Women's clothing wholesale from 1000 units, a collection of spring-summer 2017. All products..


Vila : The fashion of your mood

BESTSELLER - is a large Scandinavian corporation, owner of the brand of women's clothing, footwear and accessories of an average price of VILA. Vila brand appeared in 1993 in Danish Scannenborg  with a big concern for production. The company growing was due to the simple but effective policy of an administration based on mutual trust. As the creator of the label says, ‘’ Vila Clothes is an ode to the individuality and independence of women’’ . Our fans can be mysterious and withdrawn, but you can not stop of looking at their outfit , they know they attract all the attention.

Vila Collection Clothing

The brand’s management follows the trends in an ecological way, therefore, it uses natural materials and accessories that do not harm the environment. Along with this, each collection of Vila Clothes is elegant, refined and feminine for all occasions. All dresses, pants, blouses, shirts, tunics, jeans, jackets, coats and many other things are combined with:

• Refined cut.

• Soft and unic trims.

• Soft texture.

• Attention to detail each detail.

In the Zadarovstcok’s catalog you can buy original, low-cost outfits, as well as collections of the season, as well as BASIC VILA.