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Vero Moda - Women

Vero Moda for women - clothing wholesale from 1000 units, spring-summer 2016 collection. All items a..


Vero Moda: Elegance for every day

Vero Moda - a well-known brand that manufactures high quality and at the same time economical fashion clothes for women. Suits excel with its classic and glamorous design, the fashion trend and the sensuous style. Danish brand originated in 1987 and its concern was to lead to a bestseller. The brand is distinguished by its quality, practicality and accessibility. It didn't take long to conquer foreigner women’s hearts.

Nowadays you can buy Vero Moda clothes in more than 30 countries around the world.

Brand’s offers.

Each collection of the brand is developed based on the global trends of fashion Olympus. A designers’ team presents for each season several collections with an informal, romantic, business or sports style:

1. Women's clothing: blouses, sweaters, jackets, robes, shirts, jackets, T-shirts, skirts and dresses, various colors and stylistic solutions. Moreover there are superior garments: jackets, coats, raincoats ...

2. Accessories: hats, wallets, gloves, belts, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and snobs.

3. Underwear, which includes not only sexy outfits, but daily but also daily.

4. Swimsuits for all tastes: bikini, low or high cut knickers designs.

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