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Sisters Point - Women

SisterS Point for women - clothing wholesale from 1000 units, a spring-summer 2016 collection. All p..


Sister Point - a brand that understands you

Sister Point is a company that has been founded relatively recently, in the mid 90s of the last century, in Denmark.  It’s a suitable brand for passionate womans about fashion. 

All Sister Point sets have an accessible price, moreover its danish quality and exemplary design work must noted. The brand was firstly recognized and rated outside the conutry by austrian, german and norwegian women. Nowadays, these products can already be purchased in more than 20 countries around the world.

Sister Point product range

What could be better than a clothing manufacturer that anticipates all your needs ahead of time? That is correct, nothing. That's why Sister Point collections are chosen by followers of original, fresh ideas and a unique style. The most popular branded products are:

• Original dresses, with an incredibly wide range of colors;

• Sweaters, shirts, blouses and leggings;

• Cardigan and scarves;

• Jackets and sweatshirts;

• Handbags.

Sister Point is a creative brand, with an excellent quality and an average price. 

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