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Pimkie - women t-shirt

Pimkie – women T-shirts wholesale from 100 units, Spring-Summer 2016 collection. All products are ne..


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Pimkie – accessories wholesale from 100 units, spring-summer 2016 collection. All products are new, ..


Pimkie - The perfection in every image

Pimkie - a brand originated in France that offers fashionable outfits for elegant ladies. It  was founded in 1971 and It has been considered as a revolutionary company due to the fact to be the firts one to destroy the stereotype of the pants as an exclusive garment of  a male, established in the society of that time.

The organization '' Phildar '' is the owner of the brand Pimkie, which initially produced socks and threads. But the persistent effort and desire to conquer the fashionable women’s hearts, led to women’s admiration for that brand. In the early 90s, the brand began to be known beyond France. Today, Pimkie has more than 700 fashion brand stores in different parts of the world.


This brand mainly designs clothing for young people between 15 and 25 years old who want to follow the trend and dress in an atrative form strik. The secret to the success of the company is very simple, it replies to attractive prices and European quality. The main positions of Pimkie are:

• Outerwear.

• Underwear.

• Head accessories.

• Accessories.

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