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New Look, a popular brand in Great Britain, founded in 1969. Produces clothing, underwear, footwear and accessories for women, men and kids.

Nowadays it has more than 800 stores all over the world. The brand is famous for the manufacture of natural fabrics and the use of fashionable stones for the decoration of clothes and accessories.

New Look women's clothing is made by designers for those who do not like the monotony and lack of brightness in everyday life. They like to feel free and do not fear the prejudices of society.

Men's Clothing New Look is designed for both young men and more mature one who appreciate the unusual and the freedom of action.

The company New Look has started to produce separate lines:

  • Idol - products of the designers Mark Helman and Donovan Pascal;
  • Limited edition - women's clothing with handmade items;
  • Generation 915 - collections for young people and adolescents;
  • Maternity - products for expectant mothers.

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