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Mango - Women

Mango - women clothing wholesale from 5000 units, a autumn-winter 2017/18 collection. All products a..



Mango – a world-famous brand, founded in Spain in 1984. It specializes in the production of clothing, footwear and accessories for women, men and kids. It also produces watches, underwear and perfumes. Mango products can be found in 105 countries around the world.

Mango's clothing is distinguished by its high quality, affordable price, modern design and exquisite style. Most items belong to the informal style, which is done in a range of pastel colors.

Mango was conceived exclusively as a brand for women, designed for consumers with an average income, although recently they have started to produce men's clothing. Women's clothing is much more diverse: daily, classic, sports, designed for very young women and middle-aged women, for an exciting walk or a business meeting.


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