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Hugo Boss is a German brand that produces luxury clothing, footwear, accessories and perfumes. The products are sold in 124 countries and in more than 6100 stores.

Today, Hugo Boss is one of the most recognized brands, being currently Valentino Fashion Group the shareholder of the company.

In the fashion market, Hugo Boss is represented by two brands (BOSS and HUGO), each of which produces clothing, footwear, accessories and perfumery.

The Hugo Boss brand has different lines:

  • Black Label: Premium class items for professional and work situations, formal and informal meetings. Presents the masculine, feminine and infantile line.
  • Selection: Luxury models and accessories for men.
  • Green: Sportswear and accessories, designed for men and women.
  • Orange: The same directions, but casual, with an emphasis on practicality.
  • HUGO: Avant-garde clothing and accessories for women and men.

Hugo Boss clothing is chosen by many celebrities, such as Princess Ispani Letizia, actresses Chloe Sevigny, Cate Blanchett, actors Antonio Banderos, Brad Pitt, among others.