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H&M - Mix New

H&M - Mix

H&M mix - autumn-winter 2017-2018 and spring-summer 2018 collection of women, men and kids cloth..


H&M - a popular swedish brand that produces clothing, footwear, underwear, cosmetics and accessories at very affordable prices.

The foundation of the brand are the high quality products, the original design that keeps the fashion and the affordable prices. The company employs first class designers.

The H&M brand is known worldwide and today it is becoming the largest network in Europe. Its consumers are young people who dress with style, at a good price, and change their image with each new collection.

Today, the H&M brand has more than 2200 stores and is constantly expanding.

As they move forward, new H&M clothing lines appear and now there are 10:

  • B&B - office clothes for women;
  • Conwell and Logg - daily and office clothes for men;
  • Rocky - casual clothes for young people;
  • Big is Beautiful - beautiful clothes for women with curves;
  • Momma - clothes for future mothers;
  • Young - for teenagers;
  • Home - articles for the home;
  • Conscious - clothes made of ecological materials;
  • Cos - family clothes;
  • L.O.G.G - sportswear.

You can see the new H&M collection in the Zadarovstock catalog and order it in our warehouse.