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Fransa - Women

Fransa Woman - clothing wholesale from 1000 pcs, spring-summer 2016, 2017 collection. All the items ..


Fransa - a brand for real women

Fransa Company is a well-known brand of women's apparel, it began in Denmark in 1968 as part of Dranella, Freeze and Fransa Kids products. It was first recognized in the Scandinavian countries then in the rest of Europe. It isn’t the first decade that designers create modern, delicate suits for women between 25-45 years. The company adapts to the needs and ideologies of the buyers, depending on the taste, style and preferences.

Fransa’s catalog.

During the last decade, Fransa has been offering collections in the style of "mix and match". The approach consists of offering a wide variety of garments for different situations in life: work, recreation, walks and parties.

In all collections there are two different lines of images:

1. Fransa Black Label: classic, delicate and elegant style.

2. Fransa Red Label: daily, casual style.

Each season, Fransa produces several collections, which can be purchased in the Zadarovstock catalog.