Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is your business/activity?

Our company is a wholesaler of stocks clothes, shoes and accessories of stock overage, surplus production, shops and online returns (outlets), with labels and price tags of different brands.

2. Where does your stock come from?

All our stock comes from Europe and UK directly to our warehouse, where each item is manipulated.

3. What is the collection of the stock?

We take care to have the latest and more actualized collection of stocks. Anyway there is a price for each collection.

4. How do you prepare the order?

When the delivery arrives to our warehouse, each item is manipulated, the defects are set aside and the order is prepared according to the packing list received from our supplier and agreed with the client.

5. What is the minimum order?

The minimum order depends of the brand, it can be 200 pcs for higher brands and 1000 pcs for cheapest brands.

6. What is the process of contract?

After the payment of 30% of the total amount, the order is prepared. The rest of the amount, 70%, before the shipment. 

7. What are the delivery methods?

The Goods must be delivered according to the terms and conditions specified in the Contract. Usually, it's the customer who takes care about the delivery and transport.

8. Can I come at any time?

You are welcome to come to our warehouse and see all the goods and the way we work, but, it's necessary the previous appointment with our managers.