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Canada House - Kids

Canada House - kids' clothing wholesale from 1000 units, a collection of spring-summer 2016. All pro..


Canada - House: stylish clothes for stylish children

About 1953, Prudenzio Janer and his wife established the company PUIG JANER SL, part of which was Canada-House’s brand. In those days, Spain underwent a real increase in textile production, making big competitors at the market. But the ancestors of Canada House, thanks to its persistent efforts and focusing on the high demands of the European market, could conquer it. 

Since the 90s, Canada House began to review its policy to satisfy the international market and it strated manufacturing children's clothing for the local population.

Catalog of Canada House  

Nowadays, the exportation of make products takes place directly through the franchise system. Elegant clothes for infants are distributed directly from the factory to the stores. The buyer can buy for their children: 


• Baby dresses (body, suits); 

• Dresses for preschool and elementary school children (T-shirts, blouses, sweaters, leggings and pants); 

• Fashionable and stylish products (jackets, sports suits).  

Each item displayed in the Zadarovstcok catalog is manufactured in Spain and garners all the requirements for quality children's apparel: they are practical, comfortable, resistant to wear and shiny.