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Cache-Cache - Women

Cache-Cache Woman - clothing wholesale from 1000 pcs, spring-summer 2016, 2017 collection. All the g..


Cache - Cache - Clothing for stylish woman

The famous French company Cache-Cache was founded in 1985. The famous company Beaumanoir, apart of promoting this brand, was responsable of popularising Morgan’s brand, so it haven’t been easy to get the current Cache Cache’s reknown. However, the pertistent work of the designers and their inspiring imagination have riched its fame. 

Cache-Cache is known all over the world, there are available over 700 boutiques in Europe, Asia and the East.


The range of product

Cache Cache's stylistic direction is casual. Clothing lines reflect the time, the mood and what is happening here and now. Thanks to the brand, girls and women successfully create relevant images to any situation in life. You can easily choose between;

• Pants, leggings, capris pants and jeans.

• Blouses, shirts and sweaters.

• Dresses, skirts.

• T-shirts and tops.

• Outerwear.

• Accessories.

Natural materials, the use of sewing handmade elements (embroidery, ornaments, different accessories) and a long list of elegant positions - all this guarantees originality, uniqueness and the ability to vary depending on the situation at each moment.

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