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Alcott - Men

Alcott Man – wholesale clothing from 1000 units, spring-summer collection 2017. All the products are..


Alcott - Women

Alcott women's clothing wholesale from 1000 units, autumn-winter 2016 and spring-summer 2016, 2017 c..



Alcott is an Italian fashion brand for young people.

Nowadays, the products of this company can be purchased in 12 countries with almost 200 stores worldwide. The company employs almost 500 employees, and its annual turnover is 120 million euros. The name of the brand "Alcott" comes from "all cotton".

The brand offers high quality clothing from natural materials at affordable prices.

The main lines of clothing offered by the brand are: Men by Alcott and Women by Alcott - masculine and feminine lines, aimed at young men and women who follow fashion and prefer glamorous things with casual style. DENIM by Alcott - youthful denim clothing. Reliable, quality, ultramodern and elegant. Tailoring Man by Alcott and Boutique Woman by Alcott - fashion lines for older people. Golden version of Alcott: luxury clothes for real connoisseurs of Italian fashion and lovers of luxury.


New collections of items for both women and men are already in our warehouse in Zadarovstock.