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Wholesale company Zadarovstok was created in 2000. Our office and logistics center area of 3000m2 is located in Europe.

We specialize in wholesales textile brands such as Cache-Cache, Pimkie, Vila, Canada House, Piazza Italia, Boboli, Alcott, Mango, as well as other well-known in the international market.

We maintain a very close collaboration with our suppliers, which you, as our customer, will be benefit. Our experience and suppliers enable us to always have the latest developments with significant amounts of stock, to promote sales.

We strive to provide a stable, trusting and long-term commercial relationships with our partners and customers. Our employees are professionals and know the industry widely. We can fulfill our commitments to our knowledge.

At the end of the season, before our partners will deliver and place in their stores new seasonal collections - we get from them last season collection.


After receiving the goods to our warehouse, we produce 100% of its inspection and do the classification by category (shirts, pants, coats, accessories, shoes, etc.). According to the percentage of the shipment of goods is carried out by our customers.


Logistics delivery is agreed after your order. After receiving your order, we make Packing list and the Invoice. Upon receiving your payment we start to prepare your order for shipping.

The goods are placed in cardboard boxes, although you may stipulate other types of packaging.


We hope that this information will allow you to know us a little better, and we are always ready to help you at any time.



Zadarov Stock Company
Spain, Provincia de Valencia
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